Harpers Ferry National Historical Park 

This was my first time in West Virginia and at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. I did two hikes on the Loudoun Heights Trail and through the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia through Maine, so kudos to those who have completed the 2,200 mile trek. From my experience on the trails, it was completely peaceful being able to escape the chaos and crowds of the city. It’s incredible how much scenery exists in just an hour from the city.

I’m trying to fit in as many hiking trips I can this spring and summer. One of my biggest goals include hiking the Grand Canyon (fully). I know, I know…As an amateur hiker, I have a lot of training to do. Until then, I got the endless views I plan to seek and enjoy.

San Francisco, Part 1

In April, I traveled to California to be with my family and boyfriend. I recently blogged about my visit to Los Angeles (City of Angels, Part 1 & City of Angels, Part 2¬†& City of Angels, Part 3) , but I’m finally getting around in posting about the Bay Area.

San Francisco has a special place in my heart. Here’s what I captured during my stay (more to come).

Shenandoah National Park

To celebrate National Park Week, Uriah and I traveled to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. It’s about an hour and half from the District, which was a nice drive away from the city for the day. We got to escape the chaos for a bit of peace.

Take advantage of National Park Week, and visit a national park near you!

Hong Kong, Part 1

Hong Kong was my final destination in Asia. After hopping from country to country, I was exhausted and ready to head back to the states. Before I could end my adventurous journey through Asia, I had to visit my kindred spirit, Della. I flew in from Singapore, where I had a very long and tiring layover. Traveling is not an adventure without sleeping in the airport (ha ha). Della and her roommate, Emily were so hospitable and helpful during my stay. They are also working as full-time teachers like my friend Alice (in Seoul).

The highlight of my trip had to be updating my mom and dad on everything that I was eating and sight seeing in the city. My parents were thrilled about this trip because they wanted me to experience the authentic Cantonese food and culture they grew up with.

Phuket, Part 2

My favorite part of Phuket was hopping on the songthaew (an open door taxi) to Old Phuket Town to see the historic district. Thalang Road was where I went with my friend Katie, and it was a long street aligned with boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes. There was this outdoor food market that had a diverse number of booths for us to try. We left with our bellies full.

Seen in the photo(s): Old Phuket Town, Karon, Wat Suwan Khiri Khet Temple