Phuket, Part 2

My favorite part of Phuket was hopping on the songthaew (an open door taxi) to Old Phuket Town to see the historic district. Thalang Road was where I went with my friend Katie, and it was a long street aligned with boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes. There was this outdoor food market that had a diverse number of booths for us to try. We left with our bellies full.

Seen in the photo(s): Old Phuket Town, Karon, Wat Suwan Khiri Khet Temple

Phuket, Part 1

I was fortunate to have a familiar face with me on this part of the trip. My friend Katie, who I met during my time volunteering in Cape Town had arrived to Phuket a week earlier. Even though we had our reunion in Seoul, this part of the trip was special because we both have planned to travel to Thailand together ever since we formed our friendship in South Africa.

To be honest, Phuket wasn’t my favorite stop on my trip. I was blown away by the beauty of the beaches and cliffs, but the reality was that behind all the serene nature; there were tons of poverty that hid behind all the tourism. Poverty exists in every part of the world, but being this “privileged traveler” had put me in an uneasy state when I arrived here. Phuket is an extremely popular tourist attraction, and I was able to learn how important tourism is to many countries because they need it to survive.