The Weekend, pt. 2 (in RVA)

My friend from Boston hasn’t fully explored the DMV area before, so we drove out of the city and spent the day in Richmond, Virginia. It’s always nice to take a break from where I live, and see what else there is to explore. From hiking through Belle Isle to strolling through Cary Street, we got to see the scenic and colorful side of Virginia. But most importantly, I finally got my piece of pie from Proper Pie. True bliss right there.

Navy Yard



Jess and I went to explore the Navy Yard area yesterday because she needed some tips on photography. We took some photos of each other, which reminded us of something from a senior portrait photo shoot (hilarious, but kinda great). Yesterday’s weather was a big reminder that summer is officially over, and fall weather is approaching. I can’t wait for all the colors of the leaves to appear and for me to be sipping on some pumpkin spice lattes (guilty as charge for liking them, but shameless).