Post Election

Not sure what the artist was trying to portray in this mural, but my interpretation connects very well with today. The loose stream of colors and patterns almost seem so intricate, but they come together to meet as they are one. With the result of this presidential election, I hope we can carry on and remember that we are a nation of many colors and backgrounds who aims to achieve and welcome the American dream for everybody. We must continue to fight injustice with peaceful arms, welcome opportunities through hard work, open to differences for a richer culture in the country we have build to become so diverse and colorful. This is the America I envision and will exist to preserve.

Rhode Island Ave


On Saturday, my roommate and I went on an adventure to find cool hidden spots in the DMV area. This cool hidden spot is called Rhode Island Ave. It’s on the red line towards Silver Spring, and artwork is aligned all around the Big Lots parking lot. Since I love art and this city, it was exciting to find that the DMV area has a good amount of artwork when you get the chance to explore and search for it. We both went to Richmond, VA last summer to check out the murals there, and coming to Rhode Island Ave gave us the opportunity to get that cool art scene closer to us in DC.

From the photographs I took, you can observe the political/social issues that are addressed in the artwork. It’s amazing to see how influential art can be when it expresses a political or social issue. In this case, I think the murals here were trying to deliver a message that would hopefully make people understand these kinds of issues and why it’s important to be aware.