Los Angeles, Part 2


I am back with Los Angeles, Part 2! You can take a look at Part 1 here. I was so good with blogging at least once a week, but it just went downhill from there. Currently doing my best to keep up with a full time job (I do love my job), while driving my passion for photography and writing alive when work is done.

Still on the fence whether Los Angeles, Part 3 should be another post. I have plenty of pictures from my trip to California, so it’s probably going to take a few posts. In the meantime, look out for more photography projects I am working on this summer.

Los Angeles, Part 1


The last time I was in Los Angeles, I was only about 7 or 8 years old. It was exciting to come back to this city, and see what it was all about. My friends from high school and college moved out here to pursue their dream careers, so I’m happy they are adjusting to the new Californian lifestyle.

I have more photographs to post, but I will just post these on here at the moment. The spontaneous trip to LA with my roommate was a great break away from DC. As much as I love living in the district, it was nice to enjoy warmer weather without the intense humidity. Californians: don’t you dare complain about humidity, ha.