Kandace Banks


I got the opportunity to do an Instagram meetup with Kandace Banks, who is starting up her website (which will feature fashion, events, etc.) in the upcoming new year. Together, we worked together to help each other with our own projects and portfolio.

We explored Brookland, and I got to capture some shots of her around the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I always love playing around with light and shadows, so it was fun to have a model being immersed in with the sunlight. Follow Kandace Banks on Instagram, and keep an eye out for the launch of her website.

April Fools

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.04.00 AM

I’m turning this blog into a whole new direction and becoming a fashion blogger. My OOTD (stands for Outfit of the Day obviously) is this overly warm coat with missing buttons that wasn’t meant to be worn on this spring day is from Anthropologie, baggy work slacks from Zara, and basic beige flats from Gap. Really, I’m the perfect fashion blogger out there. Just kidding, April Fools!