No Spectators

The Smithsonian American Art Museum has a new exhibit called, No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man. The indoor and outdoor exhibition will be running until January 2019.

If you haven’t heard of Burning Man, it’s an annual event that is held in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. The week-long event is a center for self-expression, admitting almost 70,000 people. Around the event, attendees can find large art installations such as these above. Learn more here.

Watch the Sunrise


The best part about waking up in the morning is being able to see the sunrise and the city from my bed. It’s a daily routine I can’t help but love.

Last night, I found myself staying up til almost 2 AM (apparently that’s my most productive time to do work). I’m in the midst of editing my entire portfolio (writing and photography) because the professional work life is headed my way, and I have a little bit of organizing and cleaning up to do on my websites before I can display them to the world to see.

Hope you can be patient with me as I do my best to update on here about my future projects. It’s getting a bit tough to find inspiration…

But for now, let’s open our eyes to that morning sunrise for a bit of it.


Smithsonian Folk Life Festival

Smithsonian Folk Life Festival-001

Got sun kissed this weekend as I spent the entire day out by the National Mall for the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival with my friend Skye from high school! It was so much fun being able to see an old friend from my hometown, and exploring the city I now come home with her.

We went to brunch at Open City, which is the go to brunch spot in Washington, D.C. If any of you non locals like to check out a great brunch spot, Open City is the place to be. Reservations are not available, so I say try to get there early during the weekends. The wait for a table isn’t too bad though, and I promise it will definitely be worth the wait. I have a habit of taking all my friends there whenever they visit. Looks like it’s going to be a tradition.

After brunch, we headed on over to the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival: China and Kenya. We made sure to check out all the different booths and vendors that had a bit of information, history, and things they had on sale for the attendees to purchase from the two countries. My favorite part of the festival was the discussion between two Kenyan artists who took recyclables and created them into artwork. It’s fantastic that they are cleaning up the planet we live on, and put them to use with their wild imagination and creativity. Skye and I ended our night at the festival with an evening concert from the China theatre. There were so many talented performers from Mongolia, Shanghai, and different areas of China singing and dancing. It certainly made me appreciate my Chinese culture.


Streetlight Cadence

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Who doesn’t love street performers and musicians? Especially the ones who make a living to pay for food or to pursue that career in music, and they need that money to record their EP. Now, that’s passion. It makes me so happy to see performers and musicians on the streets of DC. We need a bit of more music and cheer to shower the streets of the district. I have so much respect for street performers because their courage and talent brings together a number of passing people and to have them stop abruptly just to watch and enjoy the music. It amazes me to think why aren’t these musicians performing in big venues?

Luckily, this classical and indie folk band from Hawaii are successfully making their way to large venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis. They are currently traveling around the East Coast for a tour, playing at parks and on the streets of each city. I found out about Streetlight Cadence last night after walking from dinner with some friends in Dupont Circle.

They played for almost half an hour, charming a large group of people with their talent. If they aren’t coming to a city near you, I recommend you to give them a listen on YouTube! For more information, check out their Facebook.

Best Friend Visits DC


My best friend from back home in New Jersey came to visit me in Washington, D.C. this weekend, and it was quite the reunion. It’s not like I haven’t seen her in a while because we always speak to each other everyday. New Jersey is only 3 hours away, but I couldn’t contain my excitement of showing her my life here in the nation’s capital.

She hasn’t visited Washington, D.C. in years, and I was able to take her to all of the tourist attractions / the non-tourist attractions. Trying to be a local DC native, I forwarded her to the best coffee shops and restaurants that I go to all of the time (Tryst, Open City, Paragon Thai). We took a tour around my university, and I introduced her to my friends here. The weather treated us right, and we spent our few days together basking in the sun.

How was your weekend?

A Snap From Instagram

Recently Updated17-001
Recently Updated16-001

How is everyone’s week going? It’s been a health focused week= where healthy eating, exercising, and yoga has been a priority in my life. Cheers for being happy and healthy!

1st photo from the left // Taken in Georgetown as I was running 5 miles with my friend Jess. It was one of those days where the weather was perfect, and the wind was blowing to cool us off from our exhausting but great run. I took a second to stop, and take this photo.

2nd photo // Taken at the Capital View DC Loft Hostel – Located near Chinatown, this hostel has one of the coolest murals painted on the side of their building. On their rooftop, they have four hammocks in the center for people to nap and chill in. I really wanted to fall asleep! It’s a fun place to hangout, and meet people from all around the world. I was there because my friend recently got a job there, and I got the chance to spend some time meeting people from Germany, Australia, and India. It made me feel like i was backpacking in Europe again. Also, I’m thinking of investing in a hammock. Just because.

3rd photo // I went back home to New Jersey, and I went to visit my mom for Mother’s Day. My grandpa is also currently in a care center after surgery, so it was comforting to see him and how he was doing (he’s doing much better)! In the photo, I snapped a shot of me and my best friend’s feet. Looks like we were wearing matching red colored shoes.

4th photo // I dyed my hair a few weeks ago! OMBRE!! I have always wanted to try this look out, so it was about time that I did something bold for the summer.

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Inside the White House

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White House-001

Last week may have been the highlight and one of my top moments while living in Washington, D.C. I never would have thought that I would get a fortunate opportunity like this. I was contacted from a former non profit I use to work for, and they told me about this event on the economy with President Barack Obama. They informed me that I could RSVP to enter the White House, and see him speak. Of course, I immediately responded and got onto the list to see the President.

As if being in the White House wasn’t exciting enough, I got the chance to meet Minority Leader of the US House of Rep, Nancy Pelosi. It was an unbelievable experience, and I am so thankful she made the time to meet the people who came out to hear Obama’s remarks on raising the minimum wage.

I remember moving to D.C., where I knew that one of the traditions of being a tourist was to take a photo in front of the White House. Flash forward to now, It’s surreal to think that I got to be inside of the White House, seeing and hearing President Obama up close and personal. Never in my life would I have thought that I could get an opportunity like this as a student.

Top DC moment? I think so.


A Snap From Instagram


These photos were taken from the past week, and I didn’t get the chance to upload them until this weekend.

1st photo from the left // Taken at Tryst Coffeehouse – Spinach Fritatta with mixed fruit. Tryst is one of my favorite spots for brunch and coffee in DC. Located in Adams Morgan, it is the cutest spot for relaxing and grabbing a cup of coffee with friends. Seating is scarce, but you be lucky to find a couch or two to share with a stranger. I promise it’s completely worth it when you try their chai and lattes. My roommate prefers their lattes, but I’m obsessed with their frozen and hot chai! Don’t forget to also try their brunch favorites!

2nd photo // Rita’s – Soft serve vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Can this be more a dream for us, Jersey folks? I’m originally from South Jersey, so I grew up getting water ice (you might call it Italian ice) and ice cream from Rita’s. Since moving to DC and not being able to bear the humid summers, I am thankful there is a Rita’s in Chinatown DC.

3rd photo // Whipping out my Chuck Taylor’s on a spring day. It unleashes my inner rebellious teen years. May I mention that those exact pairs are from the 7th grade? Yep.

4th photo // Just the cutest Yorkshire Terrier pup hanging out at Tryst. Probably in line for an Americano or chai.

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