A Cleanse for the Skin


I love drinking tea in the morning and night (yes, I can still fall asleep). For all you tea lovers, this lemon with hot water cleanse is almost like drinking lemon tea. I’m going to admit that I am becoming a wellness junkie, and it’s for the better. What’s not to love about taking care of your physical and mental well being? The human body and mind can only take so much, so you must be smart enough to give it good care.

I read a lot of MindBodyGreen, a company based in Brooklyn where they revitalize the way people eat, move, and live! My sister got me into the website, and I read the articles they post on a daily basis. Try to check out their website if you want a little improvement for your self. It’s good to change the way you live by eating healthy and exercising (this can be as little as running for 5-10 minutes a day. There’s a recent NYTimes article on how running as little as 5 minutes every day is already beneficial for your health).

My recent tip for you to cleanse your skin and body would be to drink hot water with lemon everyday. There are so many benefits to it, which includes the boost of your immune system, balances PH, helps with weight loss, aids digestion, clears skin, and hydrates the lymph system. Give your skin and body a little break with this simple everyday cleanse.


Mind, Body, and Soul


What does being healthy mean to you? Does it mean eating greens? Exercising? Going on various diets?

We all have different definitions, but the one that you choose to live determines your drive to change your mindset and attitude for your own body.

I think “being healthy” has always been something that scares away a lot of people. We jump to conclusions that this term is about criticizing our own self and how we never lived this certain kind of lifestyle. Before we criticize ourselves with judgement, let’s take a moment to understand “being healthy.” It’s more than a change in your life. It’s how it will affect your future. We all want to live a longer life on this planet, so being healthy will be the beginning of this journey.

I never been the type to really take care of my health or body because I was careless and thought other things were more of a priority. It was silly to think that, but it made me open my eyes to how being healthy is indeed a priority in our lives. A few years ago, I was struggling with a lot of stress and anxiety which triggered my depression during the beginning of college. I was in need of some serious changes in my life.

The first step was acceptance. I knew I didn’t want to feel this way anymore, and I wanted to make some changes in my life. I turned to yoga, which helped with my mental health and how it changed the way I think. I had difficulties trying to eliminate the negative energy in my mind, so yoga helped me with trying to unleash that energy and to find positivity. From Mind Body Green, this article explains how these 7 yoga poses balance your chakras.

While I may not be a health expert, I am learning so much about my own body and soul. The way we treat our body affects us physically and mentally. We become healthy so we can tell ourselves that we want to improve ourselves everyday. There is nothing negative about the desire to change. Change is good. We can still love our human body and soul without criticizing. Being healthy is a lifestyle. It’s a journey on seeking love for yourself.