April 26, 20151-001
April 26, 2015-001

H Street in Northeast DC may not have been the first choice for restaurants five years ago. Like other parts of the city, H Street was the target of riots, creating a bit of destruction after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. From what I have seen, H Street still has its fair share of boarded up store fronts, but things have changed for the advancement of the city. Trendy bars and restaurants are beginning to open up, and it’s bringing a lot of culture to this street.

My friend Jen and I tried a Cambodian and Taiwanese restaurant called Maketto, which is right next to the Rock and Roll Hotel music venue. And to our surprise, it’s not only a restaurant! Upstairs, there was a cafe that had an array of brewing techniques for various coffee beans and different types of teas that won us over while we waited for our table. Downstairs, they sold a mix of international footwear, clothing, accessories, books, and magazines.

Next time you’re in the city, take a chance to explore H Street. See what this historic street has in store for you.

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