Theodore Roosevelt Island


Today was the epitome of a perfect spring day. I spent the entire day outside with my friends, hiking the Theodore Roosevelt Island and then treating ourselves with brunch at Leopold’s Kafe in Georgetown. I wouldn’t consider Theodore Roosevelt Island a true hiking spot because it’s just a National Park, but it honors Teddy Roosevelt with their 17 foot centerpiece statue among the long trails that wrap around the Potomac River. Either way, it’s a nice walk if you’re slightly trying to get away from the city for a bit of adventure in the woods.

After the hike, we went to brunch at Leopold’s Kafe in Georgetown. As a brunch lover, I never would suspect that Georgetown would have decent brunch. With its chaotic shopping environment and flood of tourists, I thought there were only chain restaurants to please the tourists. Because U & 14th Street is my prime spot for brunch, Leopold’s Kafe won my heart with their simple avocado toast and poached eggs with tomatoes. I definitely recommend going there if you haven’t been because it has a wide selection of brunch options and pastries. With the cherry blossoms bloomed and the weather in the high 60s, I am hoping for more spring days like today.

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