Happy Monday + Other Links

10597348_1490323021235965_193434589_n-001Happy Monday from me and my pup, Jack! Monday’s are usually the hardest day to get through, but I think we can all rejoice because it’s National Coffee Day! That’s right coffee lovers, there are many select places where you can get that free cup o’ joe. But for anyone that wants to make their own cup of coffee at home, check out my Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe. Here are some articles/links I thought I share with you that I have been following.

One. Lisa Mitchell’s New Single, “Wa Ha” >> It’s about time we get a new album from this girl! I was really impressed with her previous album, “Bless This Mess,” and I can see that her music is maturing through each album.

Two. Pro Democracy protestors clog the streets of Hong Kong >> It’s crazy how much these protests have escalated. I hope the students and protestors involved are safe, and a resolution is resolved soon.

Three. Celebrate National Coffee Day with a free cup of Joe >> Do I need to say more?

Four. The subversive cool of punk style in 1980s London >> A super cool article on the punk fashion scene in London. I love the array of photographs, and it makes me wish I had a Mohawk in high school. High school was an angsty time for all of us.


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