Remembering 9/11


Last weekend, I took the Megabus with some friends to visit New York City for a doctor’s appointment. I didn’t get the chance to hang out with any of them, but I did sit in a doctor’s waiting room for a few hours and dreaded the idea of being in a city I didn’t love. I never really considered New York City one of my favorite cities because I always was familiar with it, and the idea of familiarity within a place you have always known can get old. As a kid, my dad owned a dry cleaners in the city, and we would visit New York every Sunday. I remember kicking a soccer ball around a park near Brooklyn to make my time in the city go by faster.

Now living in DC, I have appreciated so much of living here because it’s been a city that I had grown to love from personal experiences and dreams I want to pursue. New York City has become that dream for many people, and I admire their love for a city that is filled with so much character, musicians pan handling in Central Park, delicious bagels on street corners, and heavenly banana pancakes in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Believe me, I may not love the city that much, but I can not disagree that New York City continues to display so much personality and strength from 9/11. And so I may not love NYC as much as the natives or anyone who lives there now, but I do love that my childhood consisted of growing up in an environment that was surrounded by so many unique people from all around the world, who continues to show vigorous strength after a day of terror and fear.

I remember 9/11 today. The brave law enforcement and military officers who risked their lives to save people, all the ones who lost loved ones, the people who experienced the fear and attacks in NYC and DC – the hate crimes on Muslims and South Asians. This is a day to remember you all.


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