Playa del Carmen


I have been meaning to write a post on my trip to Mexico, but work and life has taken over my desire to update this blog. It’s crazy how difficult it is to stay consistent with blogging. I use to be so on point when I had Minestrone Soup for the Soul, but I guess it depends on how dedicated one can be to manage a lifestyle blog.

My trip to Mexico with my family was only 4-5 days, and we stayed at a resort (not necessarily the “real Mexico,” but it was a relief to see how relaxed my parents were due to the fact that they never take a day off. I got to actually see Mexico when I went on a college trip to Tepoztlan about 2 years ago. Guess I can say I really traveled to two different sides of Mexico: the tourist spots and where the locals go.

Overall, it was a dream being able to swim in the Caribbean swim after a run. I haven’t been able to enjoy sparkling clear ocean water. Beaches near DC or Jersey just can’t be compared…


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