Running DC

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This website is considered a lifestyle blog, so this usually means that I write about the ongoing events that occur in my life. Not that my life has been a thrill or anything out of the ordinary, but just a simple story waiting to be heard from people like you.

I ran 10.76 miles today. This is a big deal for me, especially when I am only a beginner runner. My destination was the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool, two of my most favorite places in Washington, D.C. Something about the atmosphere between these famous monuments and memorials make me love the city even more. Although showers of tourists flood the most popular attractions in DC in the summer, I can’t help but love sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in complete peace after a long run.

For anyone who loves to run or is just a beginner runner like me, try using the Nike Running application to track the miles you run every time you start your run inside or outside. You can also use it to interact with your friends – start a running challenge with them. Set a number of miles that must be done by a certain time, and running will now be more enjoying with the people you love. Let each other get motivated by the fitness life that you want for yourself. Enjoy that runner’s high for I have gotten it tonight and have never been more proud to run 10 + plus on my own. If you don’t think you can run, think again. Get yourself moving, and start living a healthier and active lifestyle.


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