Cate and I got a car yesterday and drove to Richmond because a little escape from DC is something we needed. Living in a city where people constantly care about what people think about themselves and their careers can be a drag. We needed an escape to a new place, and we got some great recommendations from friends and the locals there who told us what to check out.

The three hour drive was dreadful on the highway when traffic crept up on us, but we took a scenic route through Fredricksburg. Sadly, we were going to meet our friend Della at the Hyperion Espresso Coffeehouse, but we had to continue our journey to RVA before it got too late.

Need a new city to explore? Check out Richmond. The collection of murals that are spread out around the city will blow you away. I’ll make sure to do a separate post on the murals because I was so impressed by how beautiful and vibrant they were! Look out for that post soon.

1 thought on “RVA”

  1. Awesome pictures! I never imagined those jewels were on the walls in Richmond. I’ll be on the look out for them if I ever get up there…and I’m in state. Lol.

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