Streetlight Cadence

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Who doesn’t love street performers and musicians? Especially the ones who make a living to pay for food or to pursue that career in music, and they need that money to record their EP. Now, that’s passion. It makes me so happy to see performers and musicians on the streets of DC. We need a bit of more music and cheer to shower the streets of the district. I have so much respect for street performers because their courage and talent brings together a number of passing people and to have them stop abruptly just to watch and enjoy the music. It amazes me to think why aren’t these musicians performing in big venues?

Luckily, this classical and indie folk band from Hawaii are successfully making their way to large venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis. They are currently traveling around the East Coast for a tour, playing at parks and on the streets of each city. I found out about Streetlight Cadence last night after walking from dinner with some friends in Dupont Circle.

They played for almost half an hour, charming a large group of people with their talent. If they aren’t coming to a city near you, I recommend you to give them a listen on YouTube! For more information, check out their Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Streetlight Cadence”

  1. Ahh, Jada! You always introduce me to the greatest bands. I love them! That video is super cute. Man, jealous that you got to see them perform. You definitely make the most of living in D.C.

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