The Start of the World Cup


Photo courtesy of US Soccer

It’s that time again. The World Cup is here, and I am whipping out my Landon Donovan jersey. Awkward…he’s not playing. It’s upsetting to not have a great soccer player out there on the field, but I’m still very excited about what the USMNT has in store for us. There’s a phenomenal team this year, and I expect nothing but greatness (a little too hopeful)?

But to further explain why Landon Donovan means so much to me, I think it has to connect with a few special memories in my life. Four years ago, I was watching the US vs. Algeria game, where Landon Donovan scored the winning goal at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It was on the day of my high school graduation, and I was watching the game at my best friend, Amber’s house before we had to walk for commencement. When he scored the winning goal during the last few minutes of the game, we both jumped out of the couch and cried in pure joy over the victory. The timing was appropriate, and It was emotional altogether that this was the last time I would have a moment like this with her in my hometown.

And to think that this was the only connection I had with the World Cup, I was wrong. There was more, and it made me see how crazy life works. A few months ago, I went to volunteer in South Africa, which happens to be where the World Cup took place four years ago. During my time there, I had the chance to watch a soccer game at the World Cup stadium (I know…crazy. I couldn’t believe it either). The connection between all of this may just be coincidental, but it moves me to think that this game has so much meaning to me and all the fans from all around the world. I admire their passion.

On behalf of the World Cup game today, I want to say how proud I am of the US men’s national team today with their defeat against Ghana. Off to a great start, yanks! I can’t wait for what you guys have in store this World Cup.

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