Best Friend Visits DC


My best friend from back home in New Jersey came to visit me in Washington, D.C. this weekend, and it was quite the reunion. It’s not like I haven’t seen her in a while because we always speak to each other everyday. New Jersey is only 3 hours away, but I couldn’t contain my excitement of showing her my life here in the nation’s capital.

She hasn’t visited Washington, D.C. in years, and I was able to take her to all of the tourist attractions / the non-tourist attractions. Trying to be a local DC native, I forwarded her to the best coffee shops and restaurants that I go to all of the time (Tryst, Open City, Paragon Thai). We took a tour around my university, and I introduced her to my friends here. The weather treated us right, and we spent our few days together basking in the sun.

How was your weekend?

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