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How is everyone’s week going? It’s been a health focused week= where healthy eating, exercising, and yoga has been a priority in my life. Cheers for being happy and healthy!

1st photo from the left // Taken in Georgetown as I was running 5 miles with my friend Jess. It was one of those days where the weather was perfect, and the wind was blowing to cool us off from our exhausting but great run. I took a second to stop, and take this photo.

2nd photo // Taken at the Capital View DC Loft Hostel – Located near Chinatown, this hostel has one of the coolest murals painted on the side of their building. On their rooftop, they have four hammocks in the center for people to nap and chill in. I really wanted to fall asleep! It’s a fun place to hangout, and meet people from all around the world. I was there because my friend recently got a job there, and I got the chance to spend some time meeting people from Germany, Australia, and India. It made me feel like i was backpacking in Europe again. Also, I’m thinking of investing in a hammock. Just because.

3rd photo // I went back home to New Jersey, and I went to visit my mom for Mother’s Day. My grandpa is also currently in a care center after surgery, so it was comforting to see him and how he was doing (he’s doing much better)! In the photo, I snapped a shot of me and my best friend’s feet. Looks like we were wearing matching red colored shoes.

4th photo // I dyed my hair a few weeks ago! OMBRE!! I have always wanted to try this look out, so it was about time that I did something bold for the summer.

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