Washington National Cathedral

Weeping Cherry-001

I am long overdue on blogging, but summer is here and I’m ready to update more. Hopefully, I can get a blogging goal of 3 posts a week. That’s a lot to balance for people with everyday jobs! It makes me wonder how popular bloggers with a professional career can balance such a schedule. Blogging is a job, folks. We take our blog posting seriously, and you have to respect us for trying to at least blog once a week!

These photos were from the beginning of April when spring was blossoming out to cheer us up from the terrible winter we had. My friend Misha and I headed to the Washington National Cathedral to relax on their “quad” to soak up the sun. We like to call it a quad because it almost looks like a university. #lifeascollegestudents (Ugh, I did just use a hash tag in a post blog).

If you have never been to the Washington National Cathedral, I recommend checking it out as one of your attraction spots for when you visit DC. Joe Biden and President Barack Obama go to service here, and the Dalai Lama was just here a few months ago. It’s amazing how many prominent people come out here.

Take note: the first picture of me – it’s a “weeping cherry” tree. We got asked by tourists if we knew what kind of tree it was (thinking it was a cherry blossom tree).


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