Happy Earth Day


Happy Earth Day! We know it as an annual holiday that demonstrates support for environmental protection, but I believe this holiday should be celebrated every single day of our lives. We as humans should become more conscious about the world we are living in. The world isn’t as beautiful and clean as we want it to be, so we need to realize that we are part of the ecosystem, and trampling onto it with an unconscious mind will lead to a harmful and unhealthy planet. Give it love and care.

After sounding like a hippie dippie, let me proclaim how much lovin’ this planet does truly needs. We live in a beautiful planet, but us humans sure know how to destroy it. Let’s do our best to keep it in tact. Okay?

How to live eco-friendly:


I live in a city, so public transportation is usually the popular choice for commuting. Good thing Washington D.C. happens to be one of many cities to have a bike sharing program, where people can rent bikes to ride around the city to work or tourist attractions. Look out to see if the city you are living in has a bike share program! A lot of cities are developing these bike share programs to become more sustainable. Walking is also another good option. You will certainly feel better about yourself because you are a contributing factor to helping the environment and your own health. And if financial issues are a main concern for you (when is it not for anybody), you will be saving a lot of money. Nothing like getting exercise, giving your wallet a break, and saving the world!


I was vegetarian for 6-7 years, and I no longer live that lifestyle due to dietary issues sadly. If you want to give the environment a healthier outlook, I say go meatless by following a vegetarian/vegan diet or maybe just on Mondays. Why meatless? According to MeatlessMondays, “The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization estimates the meat industry generates nearly one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating climate change worldwide . . . far more than transportation. And annual worldwide demand for meat continues to grow. Reining in meat consumption once a week can help slow this trend.”


Keeping your home and living space clean is a priority (especially at our apartment). Finding the right cleaning products to keep your space clean is beneficial for the environment and your health. Breathing in harsh chemicals is damaging to your body, and it can also lead to death if the wrong chemicals are mixed. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. Some of my favorite cleaning products that we use in our apartment are Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day.


This last one is the easiest way to show your compassion to the Earth. Wake up the people around you, and show how conscious and aware you are about our environment. Tell them about the benefits of recycling, biking, going vegetarian, etc. to this planet. Not fully aware of what is wrong with the Earth? Educate yourself. Follow up on how climate change and global warming is occurring, or the increase in pollution is harmful to so many animals and organisms including ourselves. Awaken the human population, and voice out that you don’t want to live on a planet that is slowly crumbling. Wake the earth!


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