Boston Strong

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Dear Boston,

Today marks the one year tragic anniversary of the Boston bombing. I want to pay a tribute to you, my other home, and how much I have grown and loved your beautiful city. I lived in Boston for two years, attending an art school that broaden my mind with perspective and creativity. It’s a city like you, Boston that has given me opportunities, new friends, and adventure to show me how happy I am today.

A city like you that introduced me to the word “wicked” and how the Boston accent is truly the greatest. A city like you that is occupied with history, advocacy, and ghost stories I wish I would forget when I walk past Faneuil Hall. A city like you that has so much energy and spirit when the Boston Red Sox begins their season, and the uproar of cheers are heard from Fenway. It’s a city like you that is still filled with hope when tragedy struck last year.

I no longer live in Boston, but I am thinking about you today.

This morning, I went running along a neighborhood near my apartment in Washington, D.C. The weather was like a crisp fall day, and the sun warmed my face like summer.

I will admit that I can’t call myself a runner like the people running the Boston Marathon today, but I do believe I have the same attitude and drive they have when running.

I am a Bostonian today because I am cheering on every person running that marathon. May they run with confidence, sweat, honor, and inspiration. May this city be the city that I remembered living in.

Boston, I run for you today.


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