A Snap From Instagram


These photos were taken from the past week, and I didn’t get the chance to upload them until this weekend.

1st photo from the left // Taken at Tryst Coffeehouse – Spinach Fritatta with mixed fruit. Tryst is one of my favorite spots for brunch and coffee in DC. Located in Adams Morgan, it is the cutest spot for relaxing and grabbing a cup of coffee with friends. Seating is scarce, but you be lucky to find a couch or two to share with a stranger. I promise it’s completely worth it when you try their chai and lattes. My roommate prefers their lattes, but I’m obsessed with their frozen and hot chai! Don’t forget to also try their brunch favorites!

2nd photo // Rita’s – Soft serve vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Can this be more a dream for us, Jersey folks? I’m originally from South Jersey, so I grew up getting water ice (you might call it Italian ice) and ice cream from Rita’s. Since moving to DC and not being able to bear the humid summers, I am thankful there is a Rita’s in Chinatown DC.

3rd photo // Whipping out my Chuck Taylor’s on a spring day. It unleashes my inner rebellious teen years. May I mention that those exact pairs are from the 7th grade? Yep.

4th photo // Just the cutest Yorkshire Terrier pup hanging out at Tryst. Probably in line for an Americano or chai.

For more quick snaps of my life, follow me on Instagram.


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