Open Sandwich: Honey Ham & Goat Cheese


Since I’ve been long overdue for grocery shopping, I walked to the nearest Whole Foods today and picked up some much needed food for my apartment. I have been living off way too much Thai take out and junk food that I had lately consumed with my friends. The walk to my local Whole foods is about 15-20 minutes, and I can say that it’s convenient and dangerous at the same time due to my my growing obsession of reading Bon Appetit and cooking. My wallet will thank me for saving so much money now that I can cook more.

I made this open sandwich today for lunch because I wanted something quick and easy to make while I did some work. It’s extremely simple to make, and this would classify as the perfect picnic food!

Whole Wheat Bread, Goat Cheese, Honey Ham, Fig and Walnut Savory Balsamic

Place the whole wheat bread on a cutting board to slice into the number of pieces you desire to eat. Use a butter knife to spread the goat cheese onto the whole wheat bread. Tear the whole piece of honey ham into shredded slices for a presentable meal. Finally, drizzle the fig and walnut savory balsamic onto the sandwich for a final touch.

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