The Bloom of Spring

Cherry Blossoms Are Back-001

This past weekend was officially the beginning of spring, and I was able to spend a majority of my time outside. I have been away from DC for half a year, so I can’t say I’m a true Washingtonian. When this weekend came around to greet me with some glorious semi-warm spring weather, I got a tad bit too excited and left the house without my winter coat. Folks not from the East Coast / the many tourists who came to visit this weekend were seen wearing heavily puffy winter coats. “They were French. I think…” Matt joked. Guess us East Coast kids can handle the 50-60 degree weather by busting out the shorts and t-shirts. It’s really not that cold, or we might get a bit too excited about the temperature spike.

Matt and I went by to see all the big tourist attractions: Jefferson Memorial, Reflecting Pool, etc. As students and current DC residents, we were a bit overwhelmed by how many tourists were already visiting and sightseeing. Summer is usually the biggest tourist season, but it’s no surprise that the tourists came out to check out the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Or did they come out for the International Pillow Fight Day on the National Mall? I’m thinking both.


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