Keeping a travel diary is one of my favorite things to do. Being able to document all of the places I traveled around the world should be a reminder of why I must go back to experience the same adventure I had. While I was around the world last year, I was able to write down in detail of every good or bad experience in Europe. Now, I like to share it with you…

I went to Rome in November to meet up with my sister as I was backpacking around Europe. It was a relief finally being able to see a familiar face after meeting so many strangers and new people from around the world. I definitely didn’t have a problem with meeting new people. I was just at the peak of getting homesick, and it was great seeing family during my adventures abroad.

I uploaded a few of my Rome photos on my previous blog, but since this is a completely new blog; I have to start fresh, and upload more photos from my exciting European getaway. This was probably one of my favorite cities along the way because I have been dreaming of visiting Italy for a while now. I was that girl, who read Conde Nast and drooled over photo spreads of Tuscan vineyards and delicious spaghetti. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to Tuscany because of the vast distance from Rome. I did luckily devour every cup of foamy cappuccino, plate of spaghetti, and cannoli I got. Roma, you won my heart!


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